Art and illustrations of the human body.
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The shoulder girdle, posterior aspect.

From Cyclopedia Anatomicae


angels made from N E O N ♣ | via Tumblr on We Heart It

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Artatomical: 1800s Persian Anatomical Study

Here’s an elegant piece of anatomical art, straight from a 19th-century Persian anatomical study.

I love the skeletons, but I feel like the internal organs and circulatory systems are the real stars here. The artist gives them the lush feel of fresh flowers or fruit.



One by Marcel Lisboa

67.5cm x 88.5cm

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I made this in 2003. I cut out the wood torso with my jigsaw, mounted it on top of another piece of wood, and made all the bones out of clay. 2’ x 4’. - Jamie Burress